Storm Damage Photo Gallery

cause of loss for water damage

Hurricane Cause of Loss

Sometimes water loss and damage is completely in the hands of mother nature. That was true this month when Category 4 Hurricane Ian hit the gulf of Florida. Being one of the most damaging hurricanes that Florida has seen in decades, this left thousands of people with water damage to their homes from the storm. 

hole in roof from major storm

Storm Causes Major Water Loss in Greenville, SC Home

This customer's home in Greenville, South Carolina suffered a major storm that resulted in some roof damages. As can be seen in the photo above, the intense storm caused damage to the roof and ceiling of the home, which in result also lead to some water damages. 

SERVPRO of West Greenville County was able to get out and mitigate the damages caused by the storm, leaving the customer with a safe and clean environment. 

cause of loss in flooding water damage

Flooding from Heavy Rains

Heavy rains caused some flooding in this family's home. The flood water entered the home through this back door and affected multiple rooms. SERVPRO of West Greenville County provided services to help get rid of all standing water. 

Pack-out boxes lining the walls of affected home waiting for contents

West Greenville Pack-out.

This home in Greenville, SC had a tree fall and damage the majority of the home during a storm. There was minor water damage, but the majority of the work needed was a content pack-out and cleaning. This photo is part of the process of our very detailed pack-out. Our production crew stays organized to assure they always know where your belongings are while in our hands. 

SERVPRO West Greenville County (864)-292-8570!

Photo of a frozen pipe that burst due to a winter storm

Winter Storm Causes Frozen Pipe in Oklahoma

Many people in Oklahoma are experiencing frozen pipes from an extreme winter storm. The frozen pipes eventually burst, leading to some pretty severe water damage. SERVPRO West Greenville County has an incredible storm team who went out to help these people in need. 

Production crew members standing outside office in front of SERVPRO green vans ready to go help at storm

SERVPRO West Greenville is ready for any size Storm!

Our production crew have been working the whole month of September to prepare for Hurricane season. The storm crew has already helped out with Hurricane Sally, and are prepared for any other storm that may affect the east coast! 

Hurricane Harvey and Irma Donations

SERVPRO of West Greenville County has been collecting donations over the past few weeks for those who have been affected by Hurricane Irma and Harvey. We want to thank everyone who has already donated! It is appreciated more than you know! We will continue to collect donations until NEXT FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th! Anything is greatly appreciated!

Hurricane Harvey Donations

Please help victims of Hurricane Harvey by Donating with us to American Red Cross. Stop by our office at 225 W. Stone Avenue Greenville, SC or call us at 864-292-8570 anytime from 9-5!

Storm Causes Water Damage to Local Greenville Business

This Greenville business had flooding due to a storm. They had standing water in multiple rooms of their office space and wanted it dried as soon as possible! We completed the drying overnight and the business was back up and running the next day!

Greenville Home Experiences Water Damage From a Storm

A storm caused a leak in a roof at a Greenville, SC home leading to water damage inside their house. Multiple rooms had water in them and had damaged carpet, but we were able to fix the problem in no time!

Piedmont Home Becomes Flooded from Rain

A home in Piedmont, SC was flooded after heavy rain due to a leak in their roof. SERVPRO of West Greenville County restored their home back to normal in no time!

After Heavy Rainfall Greenville Home Floods

Due to heavy rainfall, the crawl space in this Greenville, SC home became flooded. Thanks to our endless supply of equipment we were able to dry out the area in only 4 days!

Simpsonville, SC Home is Flooded After Bad Storm

After a bad storm in Simpsonville, SC a home flooded. The ground in the kitchen and living area was covered with water. SERVPRO of West Greenville County restored her home back to normal only 2 days after the flooding occurred!

Heavy Rainfall Leads to Flooding in Greer, SC Home

After heavy rainfall one weekend, this home experienced flooding in the crawl space. Within five days of the heavy rainfall, SERVPRO of West Greenville Country got rid of the water and restored the home!