Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

cause of loss for mold damage

Simpsonville, SC Mold Loss

Pictured above was the cause of loss in this Simpsonville, South Carolina home. Microbial growth had began in the ceiling above, grabbing the owner's attention when it began to grow out of the air vent. SERVPRO of West Greenville County went out to provide the customer with the resources for an air quality test and then make a plan for remediation. 

mold on ceiling of commercial building

Commercial Mold Damage

This was the aftermath of condensation from a large cooler. The constant moisture has caused mold to grow, and although the client tried to treat the area themselves with bleach, they decided that a professional was best for this job. They called us at SERVPRO of West Greenville County to come out and properly remediate the mold to ensure that it would not return again. If your business suffers similar issues, don't wait to call the professionals! Call us at (864)-292-8570!

Photo of A/C unit that caused mold loss

Mold Cause of Loss

This was the cause of a mold loss for a Travelers Rest family. SERVPRO of West Greenville County deals with many losses that are caused from HVAC units. Check out our blog to learn how to avoid these types of losses. 

microbial growth on damaged material

Mold Growth in 24-Hours

During the humid months of summer, microbial growth can happen right before your eyes. Any time there is saturated material mold can begin growing within 24-hours. Make sure you call us at SERVPRO West Greenville County to come and dry any affected materials to help prevent microbial growth like this. 

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A small piece of flooring removed exposing microbial growth below

Microbial Growth In Greenville, SC

This small piece of flooring was removed and exposed some microbial growth under tile. The customers noticed a musky smell after some previous water damage and had us come out to take a look. SERVPRO of West Greenville County is working closely with the company to plan removal and further prevention of the growth. 

Mold Remediation

SERVPRO of West Greenville County completed mold remediation in an apartment master bedroom and removed the mold in just one day from the home. Call 864-292-8570 for all your home restoration needs!

Mold in Simpsonville, SC Home

A home in Simpsonville, SC found mold in their carpet in multiple rooms. The homeowner asked SERVPRO of West Greenville County to remove the carpet and fix the mold problem in their home!

Simpsonville, SC Home Finds Mold

A home located in Simpsonville, SC originally called us due to a leaking pipe; however, it turned out they also had mold underneath their carpets. We were able to get rid of the mold and fix the leaking pipe in only a few days! 

Greenville, SC Apartment Finds Mold

A Greenville, SC apartment found mold on the baseboard and drywall near the kitchen. They called SERVPRO of West Greenville County to complete mold remediation in order to get rid of it as soon as possible. 

Greenville, SC Home Finds Mold

The homeowner was experiencing a bad smell in his house and wanted to find out if it was mold. SERVPRO of West Greenville County found mold on the ceiling in the basement and was ready to get rid of it!

Mold Found in Greer, SC Home

A homeowner found mold in his home in Greer, SC. He called SERVPRO of West Greenville County to complete mold remediation on his home. The mold was removed within only a few days and the customer was very satisfied. 

Mold Found in Home in Simpsonville, SC

A home in Simpsonville, SC was getting new flooring put in when they found mold. The homeowners called SERVPRO of West Greenville County to solve the issue. In less than a week the mold was removed from the house!