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Refrigerator Leak Causes Water Damage in Greenville, SC Home.

This kitchen and dining room was affected by water damage from a leaking refrigerator. The home owners were thankful to have the affected flooring removed, leav... READ MORE

Flooded Home in Greenville, SC

This home was flooded due to heavy rain in the Greenville, SC area. Water from a nearby pond crept into this family's home and saturated the carpet in their mas... READ MORE

Saturated Flooring in Greenville, SC Home

This is the before and after of SERVPRO West Greenville County's mitigation services. The flooring was saturated beyond help of our drying equipment, so the cus... READ MORE

Busted Pipe Causes Major Water Damage in Oklahoma

This home in Oklahoma suffered a busted pipe when the temperatures outside reached well below freezing. SERVPRO of West Greenville County was out helping local ... READ MORE

Microbial Growth in Greenville, SC Crawlspace

This microbial growth in the crawlspace of a Greenville, SC home was the result of water damage that went untreated. When the family living in this home noticed... READ MORE

Greenville, SC Apartment Water Damage

The sprinkler system in this Greenville, SC apartment complex was set off affecting empty and occupied apartments in this complex. SERVPRO West Greenville Count... READ MORE

Greenville, SC Kitchen Has Underlying Water Damage

This family in Greenville, SC noticed that their refrigerator had a small leak and called SERVPRO of West Greenville County to come out and take a look. As you ... READ MORE

Storm Floods Home

This home flooded due to a storm that affected the pipes. They called SERVPRO West Greenville County out to help make extract water and remove any materials tha... READ MORE

Burst Pipe in living room of Greenville, SC Home

This living room was flooded when a pipe in the wall burst, leaving some extensive water damage. The water seeped through the flooring. Although drying equipmen... READ MORE

Flooded Home in Oklahoma

This home in Oklahoma was flooded when a pipe burst due to freezing temperatures. SERVPRO West Greenville County was called out to give local SERVPRO's a hand w... READ MORE