Recent Before & After Photos

Basement Water Damage

This local home experienced extreme water damage. These photos are from the hallway in their basement, and as you can see, the ceiling, walls, and carpet were a... READ MORE

Flooded Church Needed Water Damage Restoration

This local church experienced a broken pipe which led to water damage in about 1/3 of the church. SERVPRO of West Greenville County restored the church back to ... READ MORE

Kitchen Restored After Experiencing Water Damage

This home experienced terrible water damage not only in the kitchen, but also in many other rooms in this home. SERVPRO of West Greenville County was quick to r... READ MORE

Dining Room Restored from Water Damage

This dining room experienced water damage along with many other rooms in the home. The before picture was taken as SERVPRO was working on drying the floors... READ MORE

Crawl Space Water Restoration

After a leak in a pipe, this home experienced water damage in their kitchen and crawl space. SERVPRO of West Greenville County was out there and restored the ho... READ MORE

Commercial Office Experiences Water Damage After Water Heater Ruptures

A commercial office building experienced water damage earlier this year after their water heater ruptured. This caused damage to multiple rooms and required a l... READ MORE

SERVPRO of West Greenville County Completes Water Restoration

A home in Easley, SC experienced an A/C leak which caused water damage in multiple bedrooms. They called SERVPRO of West Greenville County to complete water res... READ MORE

Washing Machine Overflow Causes Water Damage in Taylors, SC

The washing machine became loose from the base causing it to overflow in this home. This led to water damage in the laundry room, multiple bedrooms, a... READ MORE

Need Mold Remediation Completed in your Greenville, SC Home? Call SERVPRO

This local business in Greenville, SC found mold in their ceilings after the HVAC unit leaked in their office space. Within one day of receiving the call, ... READ MORE

Fire Damage Restoration

SERVPRO of West Greenville County completed fire damage restoration on a local church in Greenville County. The church caught fire earlier this year, and we hav... READ MORE