Recent Before & After Photos

Hurricane Florence Restoration

Why SERVPRO? SERVPRO of West Greenville County went to North Carolina to help with some of the storm restoration work that needed to be completed in homes after... READ MORE

We Can Restore Your Commercial Space in No Time

Why SERVPRO? SERVPRO of West Greenville County will work hard to get your commercial office space back up and running in no time! This office in Greenville, SC ... READ MORE

We are Faster to Any Size Disaster

Why SERVPRO?This flooded basement of a commercial company was the result of a broken water heater. SERVPRO of West Greenville County was able to restore the com... READ MORE

Bathroom Water Damage

The hardwood floors in this bathroom were damaged when the toilet overflowed. This overflow caused a lot of water damage in the bathroom as well as some damage ... READ MORE

Broken Pipe Leads to Water Damage

A pipe broke in this home and caused water damage in multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. SERVPRO went out there and immediately started the restoration and drying ... READ MORE

Hot Water Heater Water Damage

This basement in Greenville, SC had water damage after the hot water heater busted. The whole basement was damaged and SERVPRO of West Greenville County restore... READ MORE

Home Garage Water Damage

Homeowners in the West Greenville County area found a wet spot in the corner of their garage as well as in their pantry and called SERVPRO of West Greenville Co... READ MORE

Living Room Water Damage

A home in the West Greenville County area experienced extreme water damage in multiple rooms. The kitchen had 2 inches of standing water in it. The room picture... READ MORE

Basement Water Damage

This local home experienced extreme water damage. These photos are from the hallway in their basement, and as you can see, the ceiling, walls, and carpet were a... READ MORE

Flooded Church Needed Water Damage Restoration

This local church experienced a broken pipe which led to water damage in about 1/3 of the church. SERVPRO of West Greenville County restored the church back to ... READ MORE